REVIEW: East Village Arts Club, Seel St

East Village Arts Club
sits on Seel Street lit up by a bright neon sign sporting its name. Formally The Masque (and Barfly before that) the revamped venue has already made a name for itself as a bar/restaurant and a music venue. We sent our foodie Nicola Denton along…

When we first enter EVAC my initial thought was it was very loud. There was a sound check going on downstairs as well as the background music. Eventually the sound check stopped which left us with some good tunes, from Snoop Dogg to the xx.

We were greeted by Anthony, a chatty barman/waiter. The service throughout the night was great. We had a nice little speck by the window and the place was lit by dim lamps and candles which made for a cosy atmosphere.

Although the menu wasn’t as vast as what was online, there was still plenty to choose from especially burgers. I went for the San Gennaro burger for £9 (chorizo and beef patty with roasted red pepper, emmental cheese topped with pancetta and maple syrup). My guest, not a red meat eater but a chilli lover, went for the Voodoo burger for £8 (green chilli patte, smoked chipotle sauce, raclette cheese) and thought she would give this a go. Both were garnished with salad. The burgers were a little pricey as they did not come with fries so we ordered some as a side along with coleslaw.

The burgers arrived on small tin plates with the fries in a tin mug which I loved. The chef came to our table to see if we were happy and if we needed anything else…everything was delicious!

EVAC burgers

We asked the waiter if the burgers were made from scratch and he said yes along with the buns and coleslaw, all freshly made in house every day.

The buns had a soft texture with a chewy bite. The burger was made with good ground beef, no gristle or fat. My guest said “as a non red meat eater that was bloody gorgeous!” We opted for the skinny fries (£2) but triple fried chips were also available (£3). They were very moreish and seasoned with salt and black pepper, enough to share with the ample burgers. The coleslaw was fresh and creamy but quite a small portion for £2.

The burger plus the bun and toppings made it difficult to pick up and eat (there are specific burger eating skills required these days) but we just used the cutlery provided. They were incredibly messy but couldn’t fault the quality and taste.

San gennaro burger

I opted for a dessert but my guest didn’t have room. Again the menu was shorter than online but I went for the Ice Cream Sundae (topped with peanut butter brownies, broken fudge, fresh strawberries, caramel and hot fudge sauce) for £4.95. I was given a choice of three ice creams so I tried a scoop of each. The dessert was nice enough but as a chocaholic I would have liked some chocolate sauce but I’m sure they would have supplied it if I asked.

Ice Cream Sundae

East Village Arts Club offers a unique opportunity in the city to eat quality food in the venue before a gig. Overall we really enjoyed our meal and although slightly pricey I would definitely go back. 

EVAC also does 2-4-1 burgers for students and Jam Jar Cocktails for £3.50 (Sunday-Thursday). 


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